Recent minimalist models

This time we discuss the latest minimalist model homes that had many variations and jeninya, suitable for you to choose and use to the idea in your minimalist home construction. Some models of the latest minimalist home this time many of which are built on some housing and we can take the example of our design to wake up in our own homes.
From some of my observations, the most minimalist model homes are not many changes to the roof of the house, the average new house roof is still the same as before the house roof design, the difference is the design of the front of the house. Front design of this house can indeed provide a striking change from a home, even though the content in the same house with the house in general.
Try to see the minimalist design of the house above, looks simple but seem luxurious to the size of a small house with one floor minimalist. From the front of the house gives the impression of a modern yet minimalist and not many ornaments that decorate the house and create a front view of the house became crowded. The impression that crowded in the front view of the house can create the impression of a less elegant than the house, except for the house of an artist who many accessories in the front and in the house who can represent the character of his life. The house above there are small parks and open house gives the impression of this very beautiful on the house, imagine if the house is no garden and lawn, it will look very dry and hot.
It's so special about the house is the roof of his house, the roof of his house took the form of pyramid roof, not only inverted V-shaped sloping roof alone, but dilipih pyramid in order to give the impression of classic and look different. In front of the living room is also made porch small house with a roof that is attached to a wall front of the house, the patio is over serves as accessories, not as a place to rest or relax in front of the house, because it is the land of its narrow and limited to get the space. Terrace to relax can we put on the back of the house and next to the house to provide comfort and a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the home.
Beberpaa examples and models of modern minimalist home most that we present above if you've got an idea where the design you want and you like? I hope you get the kind of house that besides good but also according to the type and form of land you have. Good information about the latest models of our minimalist useful for you.