Modern minimalist models

Most minimalist house built today is a model of minimalist modern house, not a classic minimalist house. Why is that? because modern minimalist house in general of his designs were made as practical as possible so as to reduce the forms of houses that are not needed. With a simple design (simple) is to make the cost of building a house is cheaper and can be saved. Unlike the classic minimalist home, to give the impression of a classic it should be made several design and decoration so that its shape and create the impression of a classic, and it requires a greater cost. So modern minimalist home is more practical and efficient in terms of design and shape. Please see examples of modern minimalist house below.
Pictured above is just one example of some types of modern minimalist house that exist at the moment. Seen from the picture above, the roof of the house has a pyramid shape, this shape is more bewah than a standard roof which forms an inverted V shape. The front display is enough to give the impression of a classic exterior because it has a roof terrace house displayed above, this is different from the modern home design in general. Architect house trying to give the impression of a classic on the terrace section and proven by looking at the front of his appearance alone we can already feel the theme of "modern classics" that existed in this house.
What is deficient conditions of the model home? Obviously every home form has its advantages and also has shortcomings, from the design of the front of the house, when we add the accessories just in front of the house, it is enough to make an impression house became covered. One example, if we want to install a metal roof to cover our cars from the heat of the sun and its cold rain, then the house was instantly transformed classic look. Half (half of the front of the house will look covered, if we put catpot car to cover the car from the heat and cold. But could we make the lid using the building wall that still gives the impression of a classic, though certainly somewhat close, or if lahanya wide, then seharusya cars are not placed in front of the house but made a special garage beside the house.
Hopefully you've been able to find a modern minimalist design home after seeing some of the pictures above. I am sure you can choose which is roughly in accordance with lagan and shape of the land that you have before determining the model of a modern minimalist home where you want to wake up.